Mobile Certifications integrated with Oracle Identity Governance

Compliance on the go

IdentityCert™ is a mobile identity certification solution that integrates with Oracle Identity Governance. It allows you to view your identity dashboard and complete identity certifications all from your iPad. No longer will you be tied to your desktop to meet your organizations identity compliance goals.


What's New In Version 2

We have completely redesigned IdentityCert for iOS 8. This new design will be the plaform for new innovations to come. Version 2 specifically adds the following new features:

  • New user interface design with simplified data display and interactions
  • New intuitive certification progress icons
  • Integration to the latest versions of Oracle Identity Governance
  • New real time dashboard graphs to reflect on device certification status


Benefits of going mobile

Using IdentityCert™ you can:
  • view critical compliance information graphs from a dashboard
  • view pending and completed user certification requests
  • update, and complete user certifications

Spending too much time in the back office?

Get out from behind the desk and increase your productivity with Hub City Media’s newest application for the iPad. Whether you’re a CIO on the go, or if you manage access for direct reports, IdentityCert™ makes your certification process easy, convenient and efficient.

Download this app on the apple store today!


  • IdentityCert™ is an iPad only application and requires iOS 8.0 or newer.
  • IdentityCert™ requires the installation of Hub City Media's Identity Service Layer to integrate with Oracle Identity Governance.

To get information on how to license HCM's Identity Service Layer please contact us at (732) 947-3300 or

IdentityCert™ and HCM's Identity Service Layer are compatible with Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2. All registered trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners.