Speed the Benefits of Database Protection  

Using Database Accelerators enables easily repeatable processes, allowing for reduced scope and cost, as well as faster overall implementations. Accelerators can kick off a Data Protection initiative or fill a void in existing compliance frameworks - they're made to fit what you need.

Hub City Media offers database accelerators for the following Oracle products:

Advanced Security Option

Prevent exposure to detrimental data breaches and protect your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) with a combination of Oracle Transparent Data Encryption and the superior key management capabilities of Oracle Key Vault

Audit Vault

Accelerate responses to audit findings with a centralized repository for all of your database auditing and out-of-the-box compliance reporting with Audit Vault

Audit Vault with Database Firewall

Get targeted, real-time monitoring and alerts without impacting your database server by choosing this implementation of the Audit Vault repository coupled with the network-based DB Firewall

Data Masking

Rapidly mask and subset data for secure testing, reporting and analysis

Database Vault

Protect against insider threats, achieve separation of duties, and enhance auditing for compliance reporting

Enterprise User Security

Take advantage of our rapid, cost-effective, single-credential solution for Oracle Database authentication leveraging your Active Directory user and group information

EUS and Database Authentication Methods White Paper


Privacy, protection, compliance - FAST. 

All accelerator packages include project planning, management, execution, troubleshooting, documentation and production deployment.