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Effective, Dynamic, Complete

Delegation of administrative privileges allows employees, like Customer Service or Help Desk Representatives, to access user information. Without the ability to limit and target administrative access in your system, you are providing these types of users with the power to change private information, like social security numbers.  Hub City Media's Delegated Administration prevents this type of blanket access without any need for product customizations. 


Tailored to Clients' Unique Environments

With this tool, clients get a simple, yet powerful delegated administrative scope and policy structure, allowing them to:

  • Specify access granted by each policy
  • Delegate responsibilities to various individuals, roles, groups and more
  • Apply field level control over delegated administrative rights

Fine-grained Control

Create administrative policies that specifically define the action that one type of user can perform on another with a robust expression builder. Technical or non-technical users are given the ability to create filters that assign administrative privileges to an individual or group, and limit the users they can perform those actions on. This gives you complete control over the distribution of privileged access to user data.


No Custom Code Needed

Creating and maintaining custom code is time consuming, expensive and gets messy when it's time to upgrade. Hub City Media's Delegated Administration was built using ForgeRock APIs and is fully integrated with the ForgeRock Identity Platform - so the only thing you need to worry about is using the product, not creating it. 

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