It was great rocking out with you at ForgeRock IdentityLive!

Read on to learn about our close partnership with the ForgeRock team, the products we've built for the ForgeRock Identity Platform and how we're running it in the cloud. 


Working Hand-in-Hand to Deliver an End-to-End IAM Solution

Hub City Media and ForgeRock have partnered together to effectively and strategically implement Identity solutions across a variety of platforms. With ForgeRock Identity Platform expertise, Hub City Media is able to guide businesses through the implementation and production stages of a ForgeRock identity project and ensure successful deployment.

Developing Products to Complement the Platform

We've built our products using ForgeRock APIs and repository, so they fit right into the platform.

Built for ForgeRock, like ForgeRock. 


Crucial to any identity system, governance offers support essential for enterprise IT security and the ability to efficiently meet regulatory compliance. 

Built with a ForgeRock native framework and complementary interface elements, Hub City Media’s Governance delivers a cohesive and simplified user experience with the capability to certify users and manage roles and policy violations in a highly efficient, precise manner.

Delegated Administration

Delegation of administrative privileges allows employees, like Customer Service or Help Desk Representatives, to access user information. Without the ability to limit and target administrative access in your system, you are providing these types of users with the power to change private information, like social security numbers.  Hub City Media's Delegated Administration prevents this type of blanket access without any need for product customizations. 



Without an integrated reporting tool, businesses face several hurdles. Not only must they install, build and maintain infrastructure for these standalone systems, but the majority of reports must be manually created and customized. Tightly integrated into the ForgeRock platform, Hub City Media’s Reporting tool eliminates requirements for reporting system integration and provides intuitive functionality for ForgeRock users.


Deploying the Platform in the Cloud

We make sure that you get the solution you want - in the cloud. IDaaS for ForgeRock provides an elastically scalable, automated solution that is tailored to your environments and requirements. 

Our solution enables a fully automated deployment of the ForgeRock Identity Platform securely in the cloud. It automates software deployment and configuration, eliminating wasted time building environments and maximizing focus on ensuring the solution meets and exceeds client needs. 

Supporting ForgeRock Environments 24 / 7 / 365

Our Managed Support Team ensures that your systems are up and running smoothly and effectively, made up entirely of full time, US citizens. The only people supporting your systems are people who know your systems, and we have a co-located Identity and Access Management Support and Engineering Staff to enhance collaboration and knowledge transfer. 

Learn more about how Hub City Media Managed Support Services is tailored to your unique environment and needs.