IDA - Delegated Admin

Delegated Administration for Consumer and Enterprise IAM

In organizations of all sizes, it’s important to be able to decentralize administrative functions and spread responsibilities across various parts of a business. Without the ability to do this, work processes become inefficient and user data is put at risk.

Are there enough resources equipped to complete these tasks?

Are these resources armed with the knowledge to do so?

Do they have the appropriate authority and access?

IDA answers all of these questions, providing Delegated Administration for ForgeRock  - built specifically for and fully integrated into the ForgeRock Identity Platform.

Tailored to Clients’ Unique Environments:

  • Deployed in the cloud or on-premise
  • Simple, yet powerful delegated administrative scope and policy structure
    • Specify access granted by each policy
    • Delegate responsibilities to various individuals, roles, groups, etc.
    • Includes user editor for field level control over delegated administrative rights
  • Quickly create policies using familiar user interface
  • Assists with SOX compliance requirements involving SOD

Without a tool like this, customized code is required, thus impacting functionality, stability and complicating future updates.

IDA - simplified, efficient Delegated Administration for the ForgeRock Identity Platform!