IDG - Identity Governance

Automated, powerfully simple governance solution on the ForgeRock Platform!

Identity Governance provides a centralized way to audit user identity and access control. Crucial to any identity system, it offers support essential for enterprise IT security and the ability to efficiently meet regulatory compliance. 

Built with a ForgeRock native framework and complementary interface elements, IDG delivers a cohesive and simplified user experience with the capability to certify users and manage roles and policy violations in a highly efficient, precise manner. 

  • Deployed in the cloud or on-premise 
  • Automates processes, eliminating need for manual procedures
  • Reduces required resources and time to complete certifications
  • High-performance, easy-to-use technology, requiring minimal product training
  • Completely integrated to OpenIDM – not an add-on product
  • Simple, clean interface with no need for customization

Built like ForgeRock.

  • User Certification Attestation
    • Validates 
    • Audits 
    • Targeted or Broad (Manager through Admin)
  • Role Management
    • Delegates According to Function
    • Provides Lifecycle Management
  • Segregation of Duties
    • Reports Policy Violations
    • Eliminates “Toxic Combinations”

Simplify regulatory requirements with a product that powerfully addresses common governance needs.