ASO Accelerator

Defend your data. Protect your business.

Hub City Media’s ASO (Advanced Security Option) Accelerator is the most efficient and worry-free way to leverage Oracle ASO as part of your overall security architecture.

The baseline implementation service provides customized protection for up to two Oracle databases within your enterprise applications portfolio - protecting data at rest and in transit. With ASO in place, you’ll prevent exposure from detrimental data breaches and protect PII within your systems. ASO addresses common Compliance and Regulatory requirements, i.e. PCI, SoX.

Your comprehensive service package includes:

  • Detailed analysis of your PII data, data to be encrypted and company procedures for data distribution, backup and recovery
  • Detailed implementation design for Transparent Data Encryption
  • Recommended technologies and process changes for:
    • Network Data Encryption
    • Key / Wallet Management
  • Multiple-phase performance benchmarks against two QA-level databases
  • Development of scripts to:
    • Migrate existing sensitive data into encrypted tablespaces
    • Implement network encryption and key management measures
  • Key Vault installation and configuration
  • Configuration of two databases, including data / network encryption, Key Vault interfaces and related procedures
  • Five days of support as you verify functionality
  • Five days of post-production support
  • A customized Configuration Guide documenting your specifications and process impact details