Directory Migration Services

Avoid Service Downtime and Upgrade 

Oracle has announced that version 5.2 of Sun Directory Server has entered phase two (limited support) of its service life. Customers can continue to get security fixes for the product, but as of January 1, 2010, Oracle no longer provides new features or fixes. Customers who want continued support for features within Directory Server are encouraged to upgrade to Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition (ODSEE) or Oracle Unified Directory (OUD). 

Upgrade with No Downtime

In order to accelerate the pace of migration, Hub City Media’s (HCM) Directory Migration Service helps customers upgrade their existing Sun Directory infrastructure quickly and with minimal negative impact to production directory services. HCM has designed this service so that it covers all versions of Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition, SunONE Directory Server or iPlanet Directory Server products.

In this service, HCM will upgrade a single Sun Directory Server platform running in three environments: development, test and production. It includes upgrades for up to three Sun Directory servers and two Sun Directory Proxy servers. HCM will also duplicate the existing directory server architecture leveraging components from the Oracle Directory Services Suite.

The service will also include:

  • Configuration of new ODSEE servers with custom schema elements, caching parameters and relevant tuning parameters to match the existing production environment
  • Configuration of SSL security
  • Installation and configuration of the Directory Service Control Center
  • Configuration of replication, proxy or meta-directory functionality to match the production environment
  • Upload of directory data from snapshots of the production data taken prior to the upgrade and configuration for replication agreements
  • Validation and testing of the upgraded environment

HCM will advise and assist the customer in redirecting queries and breaking replication agreements between old and new environments, so that the customer can shut down the old instances.

HCM has the Experience to Ensure a Smooth Transition

If your systems depend on LDAP directory services provided by Sun DSEE products, contact us to help preserve the stability of your systems and your investment in this technology. We can evaluate your existing directory service and suggest the best migration path to a new infrastructure based on Oracle Directory Services products. HCM's Directory Migration Service combined with our expert skills with building large, scalable directories, are the perfect combination for a smooth transition.