Enterprise User Security (EUS) Accelerator

A rapid, cost-effective, single-credential solution for Oracle Database authentication.

Hub City Media’s EUS Accelerator provides your business with a cost-effective and streamlined implementation. We’ll get you to baseline production functionality quickly and efficiently with our proven, comprehensive implementation package that includes project planning, management, execution, trouble-shooting and documentation.

  • Accelerate EUS ROI and time to value
  • Establish a scalable infrastructure foundation to meet growth requirements
  • Includes a documented process for adding new databases and roles

A complete package, from planning to production:

  • Gather detailed business requirements and Use Cases
  • Create detailed design and architecture specifications
  • Install Oracle components in a 2-node, high-availability configuration
  • Oracle LDAP
  • LDAP Schema for EUS and Name Services
  • Configure EUS with AD password authentication and up to three Enterprise Roles
  • Register up to five test databases
  • Generate comprehensive guides:
    • EUS Configuration Guide, detailing specific build process for Disaster Recovery requirements
    • EUS Maintenance Guide, explaining key processes: backup, recovery, registering Databases and creating roles
  • Support customer for three days to verify functionality
  • Assistance with production migration
  • Provide five days of post-production support