IDCS Webgate

Unlock SSO across entire Enterprise application portfolio

Enable a Hybrid Journey

  • Single, secure, cloud-based authentication and authorization 
  • Easily deployed architecture
  • Protect local web resources
  • Local policy maps IDCS groups with access rights
  • Replace local web Authentication and Authorization
  • 24 x 7 support included

End-users demand a simplified experience. As the number of applications grow and expand from the Enterprise to the Cloud, users are looking for Single Sign-on (SSO) solutions capable of handling hybrid environments. IDCS Webgate enables a hybrid journey by expanding the IDCS SaaS experience to on-premise WAM and legacy applications, including Oracle Applications such as E-Business Suite.

Easy deployment with HCM Authenticators

  • EBS Authenticator: Simplified SSO for for E-Business Suite without on-premise Access Management Deployment 
  • WAM Authenticator: Header-based authentication for traditional Web Access Management
  • Form-fill Authenticator: SSO for legacy applications without modern web access OR Federation technologies by using secure password replay 

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