Identity Bridge®


Protect data while migrating from SIM to OIM.

Presentation on Hub City Media's IdentityBridge by CTO and Founder Steve Giovannetti.

Oracle has identified Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) as its key identity management product for the future. Hub City Media's (HCM) unique migration strategy can help organizations that use Sun Identity Manager (SIM) to protect their investments while strategically moving forward to OIM. Our migration strategy enables a smooth and easy transition to OIM – with the confidence of moving to a technology that’s here to stay.

HCM's migration solution comprises both technology and services.

Demonstration of Hub City Media's Identity Bridge® by CTO and Founder, Steve Giovannetti.

Identity Bridge® allows legacy workflows to continue in SIM while reporting manual workflow actions back to OIM users.

Migration Methodology manages the process from workshop to implementation. The customer decides when functionality is transitioned to OIM, moving at the pace that’s right for the business.



Immediate benefits: 

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  • Eliminates time and money wasted on a soon-to-be obsolete platform
  • Builds a strong foundation for OIM going forward
  • Meets audit requirements
  • Leverages proven, standards-based workflows for a smoother transition
  • Leverages existing SIM functionality as you migrate, reducing disruption
  • Sets your own migration pace

HCM's experts can guide you through a smooth transition to the strategic identity management system of the future.