Multi-Factor for DB Accelerator

Secure passwords for privileged database accounts

Organizations can mitigate unauthorized access to sensitive data by implementing Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for privileged database users. Clients need a proven, best-practice configuration that is quickly installed and adapted to their environment. IDCS or AD or EU Base, call out to Authy, OAM or one time password source.

Hub City Media’s Multi-Factor for DB Accelerator provides accelerated installation of Multi-Factor for DB, allowing clients to:

  • Implement highly secure access for privileged accounts
  • Address specific audit findings from internal or external auditors regarding MFA
  • Ensure MFA accounts coexist with other database account authentication schemes
  • Eliminate password sync issues across Oracle databases 
  • Provide “orphan” account management through enterprise directories with database logins automatically revoked when directory accounts are deleted or disabled

Service Package Includes:

  • Documenting Business Requirements and Use Cases
  • Detailed Design and Architecture Specifications
  • Installation in Client test environment of RADIUS server and configuration of interfaces to enterprise authentication sources:
    • FreeRadius Authentication Server installation and best-practice configuration
    • Configure RADIUS connection to authentication source (Microsoft Active Directory or Oracle Identity Cloud Service)
    • Configure RADIUS connection to token source (Oracle Access Manager or Twilio Authy)
  • Registration of two databases to the RADIUS server, including necessary DB configuration
  • Functional testing of requirements and use-cases
  • Complete Build Guide, including: Configuration details, procedures to rebuild and maintenance activities
  • Production implementation assistance
  • Five days support as functionality is verified