Hub City Media Hosts the Boston Bruins Mobile Security event with Oracle's Security Team

New findings indicate that in the next 6 years there will be a 75% increase in the user access shaped by a mobile architecture (Gartner, 2014). With such prominent trends already making their mark on today’s businesses, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s cyber security division is teaming up with Oracle Corporation and Hub City Media to inform companies of the impeding need for developing new security strategies, the potential risk and oversight, and the preventative measures to successfully protect user data and improve productivity.

Gartner, Forrester Research, and technical experts worldwide are reporting exploding statistics about mobile trends, stating that by 2020, 80% of user access will be shaped by mobile and non-PC architectures, leaving companies who jump on the band wagon even more vulnerable for attack. (Gartner, 2014)

In a time where security slip ups lead to international PR nightmares, information security is of the utmost importance to a company’s success, and the development of a productive and secure mobile security strategy should be at the forefront of their 5-year plan.

With the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Oracle Corporation and Hub City Media have begun to build out security networking communities in major cities across the country. Each city marks a new cyber security executive round table; an exclusive networking opportunity for 10-20 local security executives to discuss their biggest security challenges and best practices with their peers and with industry experts from the FBI and Hub City Media.

The mobile security campaign began on the west coast, where FBI special agents spoke to a room filled with Chief Information Officers, Directors of Information Security, and Directors of Applications, about the noted cyber threats in Palo Alto, CA, and Seattle WA.  The success of the first two events lead to two additional round tables, in New York and Denver, CO. 

A variety of challenges were discussed during the event, from protecting customer data and maintaining PCI compliance, to BYOD and its consequences. Mobile security guru Steve Giovannetti helped facilitate the following mobile security discussion, providing statistics from Forrester Research; “Currently, 50% of US & European enterprises are implementing official BYOD programs.” This statistic will only grow as employee demand rises and mobile workforces increase.

Hub City Media plans to continue the networking with follow up meetings and virtual user group discussions via private LinkedIn groups. If you are interested in participating in a cyber security user group, feel free to contact us as we are continuously expanding our reach.