World Famous Hacker, Kevin Mitnick, Stuns Audience During RSAC

Hub City Media and Oracle host Kevin Mitnick during RSAC 2016

He used to be one of the F.B.I’s most wanted black hat hackers, but now he uses his expertise to showcase to businesses and audiences the security vulnerabilities that could destroy them. Kevin Mitnick, world famous white hat hacker, joined Hub City Media and Oracle to share game changing insights on cybersecurity during the RSA Conference this year. Mitnick is a hands-on, entertaining and versatile presenter, using live technology to make unforgettable impressions on the audience and drive home the dangers of cybercrime. 


During the presentation, a brave volunteer allowed Mitnick to “hack” her live.

The results of what he does during his presentations are “shocking and sobering” as the audience walks away with a heightened sense of their susceptibility to cyber-attacks. During the presentation, a brave volunteer allowed Mitnick to “hack” her live. In a matter of moments, he captured her birthday, mother’s maiden name and social security number - all with only a name. From that moment on, if Mitnick were a malicious hacker, he could have wreaked havoc with her identity, doing untold damage to her bank accounts, credit score and even reputation!

Seeing Mitnick secure this stolen data in front of a live audience is a truly eye opening experience, illuminating the minimal effort it takes for a hacker to essentially ruin someone’s life or business. “It’s disconcerting to see how easy it is for someone to get access to such personal, private information,” said Philippe Monrougie, CEO of Hub City Media. 


Mitnick focused largely on security dangers that we are exposed to everyday - not just cyber, but physical attacks as well, enlightening the audience on social engineering. People are the weakest security link. Who in your organization would be an easy target for a hacker? Individuals who may not be as sophisticated with technology could be first on the list. Insecure password storage and vulnerability to scams are among the long list of ways people can be manipulated, leading to problematic holes in an organization’s security infrastructure. We can secure machines to the highest standards, but engineering a human to avoid sophisticated social attacks is not something that can be packaged. 

Cybercrime is on the rise and growing at a rampant pace. It is absolutely crucial to carefully assess your vulnerabilities and develop a strategy to address them, or you and your business could be next. 


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