WEBCAST - Containerized IAM on Amazon Web Services (Part 1)

That's a wrap on Webcast #1! Even though it's over, you can still watch the replay here.

Audiences discovered how running your IAM on AWS gives you the exact solution that you want with the operational model of a SaaS.  

July 18, 2:00-3:00pm EST

ForgeRock and Hub City Media have partnered together to deploy flexible and scalable IDaaS solutions using:

  • Docker (containerization)

  • Kubernetes (orchestration)


  • Why AWS is a powerful environment for running containerized IAM solutions and how it can meet all of your business needs

  • How ForgeRock is leveraging Docker (containerization) and Kubernetes (orchestration) to prepare their platform for the cloud

  • Why clients are choosing this path and how they’re using containerization today to reduce costs and implement complex use cases in the cloud


Speakers Warren Strange, Engineering Director at ForgeRock and Steve Giovannetti, CTO & Founder of Hub City Media to explained how you can deploy using this model. 



Don’t fear the move from on-premise Identity to the cloud. 

Don’t settle for an Identity solution that is anything less than exactly what you need.