WEBCAST - Containerized IAM on Amazon Web Services (Part 2)

That's a wrap on Webcast #2! Even though it's over, you can still watch the replay here.

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Webcast 3 of 3: DEVOPS (September 12, 2018) - The Do's and Don'ts of running containerized Identity systems in the cloud and what it's like to run and operate this type of solution


Audiences experienced an in depth review of: 

  • Assets and processes needed to containerize ForgeRock
  • Architecture and processes guiding containerized IAM on Amazon Web Services
  • How containers are deployed into Kubernetes 
  • Monitoring and management strategies 
  • Continuous integration configuration 

BONUS: A demonstration of a deployment of ForgeRock into Kubernetes


Speakers Warren Strange, Engineering Director at ForgeRock and Steve Giovannetti, CTO & Founder of Hub City Media