HCM to Run Live Demos at ForgeRock's Identity Live in Austin

Hub City Media will be hosting a booth at the two day Summit in Austin, Texas on May 2nd and May 3rd, and is inviting all attendees to stop by to check out live demos of Governance, Delegated Administration and Reporting - all BUILT FOR FORGEROCK. 

As a proud ForgeRock partner, we're excited to have the opportunity to showcase the products we've built directly on top of the ForgeRock Identity Platform. It's important we show Summit-goers how these products can help their business with compliance needs, as well as the access and roles of their employees and customers. Most importantly, they can be deployed in the cloud with ForgeRock, and they're very easy to install and run. 

Have a question about how these products fit in with your environment? Stop by the Hub City Media booth in Austin or fill out the form below to get started: 

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