Enterprise User Security Lunch & Learn with Oracle

Hub City Media (HCM) and Oracle hosted a Lunch & Learn event in Atlanta on April 7, 2016, providing industry leaders with the opportunity to discuss Enterprise User Security (EUS). The discussion focused around simplifying user management and avoiding common security risks. 

As enterprises keep up with data proliferation, database tasks such as provisioning, resetting passwords, assigning roles and managing privileges become a greater challenge. We established this forum to help businesses understand how to consolidate / manage user credentials and privileges using Directory services while strengthening security and compliance. 

HCM presented various case studies around EUS, showcasing our ability to assist customers with database issues by implementing EUS, and were well-received by the audience. Two examples are detailed below.  

National Insurance Company

Business Problem
-Manage database access by individuals with AD credentials
-Include multiple AD domains across operational groups in multiple data centers
-Retain user identity in database account name

Technical Solution
-Enterprise User Security
-OUD with replication across data centers
-OUD proxy links to 3 AD domains
-Dedicated Schema account mappings

National Healthcare Management

Business Problem
-Healthcare breaches in the news
-Risk focus on individual user database access: authentication and authorization
-Risk assessment showed poor password management and orphan    account management

Technical Solution
-Enterprise User Security
-OUD with replication across data centers
-OUD proxy to Active Directory
-Mix of Shared and Dedicated Schema account mappings
-Enterprise roles provisioned via group membership


Demonstration on Oracle Enterprise User Security. Presented by Hub City Media, Inc.

Even if you’re already using Oracle Data Redaction, Database Firewall, Virtual Private Database and / or Fine Grained Auditing, EUS can also significantly improve the quality and enforcement of your policies. This feature can simplify account provisioning across ALL Oracle databases and can be fully managed through an Active Directory.


If you'd like to learn more about EUS or any of our Database Security or IAM offerings, we'd be happy to help! Contact us for more information


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