Hub City Media is offering a customer version of its Oracle Access Manager (OAM) boot camp to select customers. This boot camp offers an immersive, hands-on, training experience designed to provide instruction and challenging technical implementation exercises that go beyond what is normally provided in an instructor led class. This boot camp is a one-week training course. Instructors that have implemented OAM in real customer deployments conduct the training at Hub City Media’s offices, using dedicated systems in our training environment. 

The course schedule includes:

Week 1

  • Introduction
  • WebGates
  • Policies and Resources
  • Authentication Schemes
  • Authentication Modules
  • Authorization and SSO
  • Federation
  • Federation Key Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Troubleshooting

The course also includes an evaluation provided both to the student and to their supervisor that will describe the student's mastery of the material and the progress they’ve made during the boot camp.

After successfully completing this course, students will be able to apply what they’ve learned to maintain and create new extensions to their Oracle Access Manager (OAM) environment.

The class would be held for one week at HCM HQ in South Plainfield, NJ with the price depending upon the number of students participating as follows:

5 students: $3,200 each
4 students: $4,000 each
3 students: $5,333 each
2 students: $8,000 each

If you prefer the class to be held at your facility, then the price depending upon the number of students participating is as follows:

5 students: $3,800 each plus expenses
4 students: $4,750 each plus expenses
3 students: $6,333 each plus expenses
2 students: $9,500 each plus expenses