ForgeRock Access Management

 One-time, simplified, ForgeRock deployment.

Hub City Media's expertise in Access Management allows for successful ForgeRock implementations across diverse platforms. 

Authentication: Flexible Authentication for New and Legacy Systems.

Organizations can authenticate to any digital resource including users, devices, applications, APIs and things.

  • Choose from endless authentication possibilities, with over 20 out-of-the-box authentication modules including device fingerprinting, one-time password and adaptive risk authentication
  • Extend authentication to anything in a simple manner with scripted authentication modules
  • Implement strong multi-factor authentication 

Authorization: Control Who Can Do What, to Which Resources, Under Certain Conditions at All Times.

With the ForgeRock Identity Platform, it’s possible to establish simple and flexible access policies that protect your resources at all times. Ensure authenticity that secures data post-authentication with contextual coarse and fine-grained authorization.

  • Flexible coarse and fine-grained authorization
  • Contextual authorization
  • Continuous authorization
  • Universal authorization beyond URLs
  • High performance policy engine and editor

Federation: Extend Your Reach to Broader Populations

Users can access services that span the cloud and mobile devices, on-premise and off, eliminating the need for multiple passwords, user profiles and the added complexity that frustrates users and slows adoption.

  • Leverage standards to deliver seamless federation across and beyond organizations.
  • Supports OpenID Connect 
  • Incorporate SAML2 federation into authentication chains

Single Sign-On: Because Users Should Only Have to Log in Once.

Enable users to log in once and have access to all systems regardless of which application they logged into first.

  • Enables a seamless, heterogeneous OS and Web application SSO environment with Windows Desktop SSO support
  • Provides a variety of flexible options for single sign-on (SSO)
  • Supports multiple options for enforcing policy and protecting resources
  • Uses built-in Security Token Service (STS) as a multi-protocol hub

Adaptive Risk: Trust but Verify

Through Forgerock's adaptive risk engine, you can combine contextual information to evaluate the risk of users attempting access.  

  • Assess risk, requiring stronger authentication mechanisms only when necessary 
  • Enable administrators to integrate and dynamically call third party services for identity profiling
  • Ensure greater knowledge about who the user is and what their context is 

Strong Authentication: Additional Security That’s Easy to Use

  • Evolve and simplify your security with an out-of-the box mobile authentication app
  • Integrate with Adaptive Risk engine.
  • Provide frictionless multi-factor and mobile authentication

Social Sign-On: Reduce Customer Friction in Minutes

Reduce user friction and accelerate the adoption of digital technologies by providing a seamless user experience with social sign-on capabilities across new applications, devices and things in a matter of minutes.

  • Simplify the process of accessing protected resources for new users and remove the need to complete lengthy registration forms
  • Integrate with any IDP and social IDPs in minutes using a wizard-based configuration tool
  • Onboard users in a safe and secure manner via one-click registration across a range of platforms 

Self-Service: Accelerate Customer and Employee Engagement

With ForgeRock self-service, you can reduce the time and effort required to manage users. Administrators can onboard and maintain user accounts with zero input and very little customization.

Session Management: Five 9's Availability that Scales

From traditional user sessions to more complex access requirements due to the expansion of the IoT, organizations need flexible solutions that support business critical systems and can scale to manage hundreds of millions of identities. The ForgeRock Identity Platform can do both with a stateless and stateful session architecture that also enables “five 9’s” availability for large-scale and mission-critical deployments.

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