ForgeRock Directory Services

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As a highly-trained ForgeRock partner, Hub City Media provides you with a solid foundation to store and access identity data. 

Data Store: Designed to provide and manage digital identities across platforms

ForgeRock is rethinking Directory Services with massive data scale and high availability - providing developers with ultra-lightweight ways to access customer identity data, personalize services and transform how customers engage with the world.

  • Performance, scalability and high availability to manage data 
  • Password policy and schema management policies for password strength enforcement
  • Pass Through Authentication that delegates authentication to any LDAP directory
  • The ability to replicate identity data globally
  • REST or LDAP to easily access identity data and integrate with your services

High Availability: Manage Data for Hundreds of Millions of Users, Devices, and Things

ForgeRock Directory Services are optimized for performance at scale with data integrity and security. Businesses can have confidence in a service that will scale well beyond their business requirements.

  • Millisecond response times and read / write performance 
  • Satisfies rigorous performance requirements
  • Supports widely adopted monitoring standards SNMP and JMX
  • Configure custom alerts 

Multi-Master Replication: Consistent, reliable identity data across enterprise, cloud, social and mobile environments.

  • Consistent, reliable access to identity data
  • Guaranteed data availability in the event of a server failure
  • Accommodates geographically distributed environments, with support for WAN-optimized replication
  • Advanced backup and restore functions
  • Easy replication setup, ensuring consistent data store and availability 

REST and LDAP: Easily Access Identity Data and Integrate with Your Services

ForgeRock Directory Services is the first LDAP directory to support a range of developer options including  REST API, SCIM, LDAP and DSML-based Web Services. The Directory Services SDK provides a library of Java classes and interfaces for accessing and implementing LDAP directory services.

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