Forgerock Identity Management

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Manage the complete identity lifecycle of users, devices and things.

As an experienced and knowledgeable ForgeRock partner, Hub City Media can help you maximize ROI from your ForgeRock Identity Management implementation. 

Identity Provisioning: Manage the Registration and Provisioning of Users, Devices and Things Across Multiple Environments.

Ensuring the right access to the right service, user or device is the essential step in Identity Management. It’s critical for you to correctly manage roles and entitlements assigned to users, devices or things, based upon your organizational need and structure (such as job function, title and geography) and assign and remove entitlements and resources consistently and rapidly. 

  • Responsive framework can be deployed on premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments
  • Manage previously disparate data repositories, network applications and user data stores
  • Connect to existing data stores with the ForgeRock Open Connector Framework and utilize the flexible workflow engine to provision and assign relationships to users, devices and things
  • Easily customize and manage the registration and provisioning of users, devices and things

Self-Service: A More Streamlined Customer Experience.

  • Easily customizable, single, scalable web-app styled UI using Backbone, jQuery and Handlebars
  • Streamlined registration and access requests to an external source
  • Implement user self-service to reduce costs and increase user productivity
  • Out-of-the-box end user self-service and registration UI

Password Management: Ensure Consistency Across All Applications and Data Stores.

A single, common way to manage passwords and password policies is a critical element to the security of any user, device or thing. Consistent password policies enable you to ensure that passwords are being enforced everywhere and that password security is consistent.

  • Enforced access rights with password policies and rules
  • Ability to intercept and synchronize passwords changed natively on ForgeRock Directory Services and Active Directory over an encrypted channel
  • Fine control password management 

Synchronization and Reconciliation: Ensure Consistent and Accurate Identity Data is Available Across All Lines of Business

The ForgeRock Identity Platform synchronization and reconciliation services provide you with the ability to synchronize data in real-time and schedule the reconciliation of identity data at any point. You can then seamlessly integrate and ensure consistency and high availability of identities across your entire identity infrastructure.

Workflow Engine: Define Business Processes That Meet the Needs of the Business

The ForgeRock Identity Platform has the ability to manage and integrate simple and complex workflow operations – approvals, requests, changes, integrations - all via standards-based (Business Process Modelling Notation 2.0) workflow tools. For simple integration, organizations are able to use REST calls to interact with the ForgeRock Identity Platform.

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