Agile. Lightweight. Flexible. 

Companies are adopting cloud products and services at an extremely high rate. Oracle is following this shift with Identity Cloud Service (IDCS), a system built with a “standards-first and API-first philosophy.” 

Hub City Media's innovative cloud partnership with Oracle closes the on-prem gap, providing: 

  • Integrated Access Management
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Low Cost Provisioning and Integration
  • Enhanced Database Security
  • 24 x 7 support included

Easy to deploy, easy to manage and as agile as the cloud...

Multiple passwords for users increase the potential for weak and overly simple credentials. End this by implementing Single Sign-on. 

IDCS Webgate reduces security concerns by providing a single password for all on-premise applications. It is implemented into your existing infrastructure and managed in the cloud, not the enterprise.

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Stop time-consuming and costly management of employee records with a lightweight, simple solution for provisioning.

IDCS Provisioning is easy to configure and leverages IDCS cloud platform to automatically provision accounts to on-premise applications, reducing operation costs from maintaining infrastructure and managing applications. 

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Without Multi-factor Authentication, a compromised password allows unauthorized access and release of private data. 

Multi-Factor for DB combines IDCS credentials for authentication with an additional Time-based One-time Password module. This provides an additional level of security, crucial to preventing database breaches and unauthorized access. 

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