Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On (OeSSO)

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Eliminate the need to remember and store multiple passwords in your network. 

In a typical day, the average user may have to log in to a dozen different systems, all with different username and password combinations, to do their job. This doesn't include systems that get used infrequently where the user may not be able to remember the password between sessions. This is a huge problem and drains productivity for users. Losing or forgetting a password can result in a lengthy call to the help desk with a real bottom line impact to an organization, especially if the help desk is outsourced and each call has a hard dollar cost.

Beyond being an inconvenience, these passwords represent a real security risk to your organization. Who hasn't seen a user's monitor festooned with yellow sticky notes with the user ID and passwords to some of your organization's most critical systems, all in plain view?

In the meantime, new compliance regulations are forcing your users to use more complex passwords and to change these passwords more frequently. 

Password synchronization systems can help alleviate some of this pain, but there are some organizations that frown on this technique and label it a security weakness. Others suggest deploying full single sign-on to all applications as the only way out of this mess; however, achieving enterprise-wide single sign-on is difficult. Organizations leverage applications that are web-based, native clients, internally developed, or from third-parties, all of which do not support standard APIs to consolidate access and authorization.

What's the solution? 

Leverage an experienced, proven partner

Hub City Media (HCM) has helped many customers solve this problem leveraging Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On, a mature proven solution that increases security, reduces costs and increases user productivity. Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Login Manager creates and manages secure application identity store on a user's system that can be unlocked using their Microsoft Active Directory (AD) credentials. Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On detects when a user attempts application access and automatically re-plays the application password from the store. From the end user perspective all applications are accessed using a single username and password. A user's application credentials can be stored centrally and synchronized across all client systems. If deployed with a provisioning system, it is possible to publish credentials to the user's identity store so the user can sign-on to the application but will not know the specific application credentials. 

Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-on will increase security by enforcing complex password rules and extending strong authentication to all applications. It is a proven solution that implements a two-tier architecture that will scale to meet the needs of the largest enterprises. Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On will be able to protect all the applications in your environment: web-based, native clients, internally developed or have been developed by third-parties. It is a solution that will reduce costs by increasing user productivity and eliminate costly password reset help desk calls.

Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On is a suite of products that include:

  • ESSO Login Manager - application single sign-on solution
  • ESSO Provisioning Gateway - integration between ESSO Login Manager and account provisioning for seamless application access provisioning
  • ESSO Password Reset - enables knowledge-based, self-service, password reset for Microsoft Windows systems
  • ESSO Kiosk Manager - provides secure access for shared systems by enabling secure and stable multi-session application access
  • ESSO Anywhere - targeted to the mobile workforce, ESSO Anywhere allows users to access applications, securely from any network or any device
  • ESSO Universal Authentication Manager - provides strong, extensible authentication framework (smart card, biometrics, etc) for system and application access

HCM has helped many customers leverage the benefits of Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On. If you are looking to complete the coverage of single sign-on to your environment across all applications and need a low-cost, pragmatic approach to compliance, HCM can help. Contact us for a consultation.