Tailored Products 

Hub City Media's Product Suite includes products that both complement our partner's platforms and enhance cloud and on-premise implementations, all built with the future in mind. Discover how we innovate. 


An automated and centralized way to audit user identity and access control, including user certification, role management and segregation of duties



Quickly and correctly complete Identity installations with one command - no human supervision required


Delegated Admin

With a simple, yet powerful administrative scope and policy structure, manage and adjust access and delegate responsibilities to improve efficiency



Protect your investments while migrating between identity systems



Understand the health of business systems and the security of your information with comprehensive and efficient reporting capabilities 


DB Accelerators

Quickly and efficiently protect and secure the information in your database


Single Sign-on

Enable a hybrid journey between on-premise and cloud applications, meeting user demand for a simplified experience 


Protect access to personal data in the database and arm yourself against susceptibility to hacking


Secure on-premise applications, protect existing Identity investments and provide a seamless user experience by provisioning on-premise applications to the cloud