Tailored Products 

Hub City Media's Product Suite includes products that both complement our partner's platforms and enhance cloud and on-premise implementations, all built with the future in mind. Discover how we innovate. 


An automated and centralized way to audit user identity and access control, including user certification, role management and segregation of duties



Quickly and correctly complete Identity installations with one command - no human supervision required


Delegated Admin

With a simple, yet powerful administrative scope and policy structure, manage and adjust access and delegate responsibilities to improve efficiency



Protect your investments while migrating between identity systems



Understand the health of business systems and the security of your information with comprehensive and efficient reporting capabilities 


DB Accelerators

Quickly and efficiently protect and secure the information in your database


Single Sign-on

Enable a hybrid journey between on-premise and cloud applications, meeting user demand for a simplified experience 


Protect access to personal data in the database and arm yourself against susceptibility to hacking


Secure on-premise applications, protect existing Identity investments and provide a seamless user experience by provisioning on-premise applications to the cloud

Governance Dashboard

Centralized Auditing for User Identity and Access Control

Crucial to any identity system, governance offers support essential for enterprise IT security and the ability to efficiently meet regulatory compliance. 

Built with a ForgeRock native framework and complementary interface elements, Hub City Media’s Governance delivers a cohesive and simplified user experience with the capability to certify users and manage roles and policy violations in a highly efficient, precise manner.


Completely Integrated

Hub City Media's Governance is completely integrated to ForgeRock Identity Management and is not an add-on product. Users familiar with the ForgeRock platform will see a simple, clean interface that they know, and won't need customization. With this high-performance, easy-to-use technology, minimal product training is needed to get teams up to speed and ready to go. 

Powerfully Simple

User Certification

  • Validates
  • Audits
  • Targeted or Broad (Manager through Administrator)

Role Management

  • Delegates according to function
  • Provides Lifecycle Management


    Segregation of Dutues

    • Reports Policy Violations
    • Eliminates "toxic combinations"

    Automated Technology

    With Hub City Media's Governance, you can automate once manual processes, saving valuable time and minimizing human error. Resources required to complete certifications are also reduced, leaving your team free to work on other high-value tasks.

    • Schedule Certifications and Policy Scans
    • Automatically notify and remind users of Certification deadlines
    • Sort and respond to Certifications by risk level  

    Check out Delegated Administration and Reporting for the ForgeRock Identity Platform

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    Effective, Dynamic, Complete

    Delegation of administrative privileges allows employees, like Customer Service or Help Desk Representatives, to access user information. Without the ability to limit and target administrative access in your system, you are providing these types of users with the power to change private information, like social security numbers.  Hub City Media's Delegated Administration prevents this type of blanket access without any need for product customizations. 


    Tailored to Clients' Unique Environments

    With this tool, clients get a simple, yet powerful delegated administrative scope and policy structure, allowing them to:

    • Specify access granted by each policy
    • Delegate responsibilities to various individuals, roles, groups and more
    • Apply field level control over delegated administrative rights

    Fine-grained Control

    Create administrative policies that specifically define the action that one type of user can perform on another with a robust expression builder. Technical or non-technical users are given the ability to create filters that assign administrative privileges to an individual or group, and limit the users they can perform those actions on. This gives you complete control over the distribution of privileged access to user data.


    No Custom Code Needed

    Creating and maintaining custom code is time consuming, expensive and gets messy when it's time to upgrade. Hub City Media's Delegated Administration was built using ForgeRock APIs and is fully integrated with the ForgeRock Identity Platform - so the only thing you need to worry about is using the product, not creating it. 

    Check out Governance and Reporting for the ForgeRock Identity Platform

    Fully Integrated, Easy to Use

    Without an integrated reporting tool, businesses face several hurdles. Not only must they install, build and maintain infrastructure for these standalone systems, but the majority of reports must be manually created and customized. Tightly integrated into the ForgeRock platform, Hub City Media’s reporting tool eliminates requirements for reporting system integration and provides intuitive functionality for ForgeRock users!


    Meet Compliance and Understand System Health

    With Hub City Media's Reporting tool, you can quickly and efficiently meet compliance and get a comprehensive understanding of your systems. It includes a wide variety of reporting options, spanning Systems Access, Certification, Policy Violations and much more. While it was built with many commonly required out-of-the-box reports, creating new reports is simple and intuitive. 


    View and Export in Simple Formats 

    Check out Governance and Delegated Administration for the ForgeRock Identity Platform

    SSO Between Cloud and On-Premise Applications with Oracle IDCS

    Hub City Media's Single Sign-On technology expand the SaaS experience to on-premise Web Access Management (WAM) and legacy applications, so nothing is left behind during a move to the cloud. 

    Watch the demonstration

    • Single, secure, cloud-based authentication and authorization
    • Easily deployed architecture
    • Protect local web resources
    • Local policy maps cloud groups with access rights
    • Replace local web Authentication and Authorization

    Easy Deployment with Authenticators 

    Provide a simplified SSO experience with authenticators built for individual applications: 

    • E-Business Suite: Simplified SSO for for EBS without on-premise Access Management Deployment
    • WAM: Header-based authentication for traditional Web Access Management
    • Form-fill: SSO for legacy applications without modern web access OR Federation technologies by using secure password replay


    24 x 7 support included

    Check out Multi-factor Authentication and Provisioning for Oracle IDCS

    Secure Access for IDCS and on-premise Oracle Databases  

    Enterprise Databases offer the “Crown Jewels” for hackers. Protecting that data begins with protecting access to databases, especially for privileged accounts - such as DBAs. Through RADIUS integration, Hub City Media enables crucial protection of these critical assets out-of-the-box.

    Watch the demonstration

    Adaptable Architecture, Broad Support

    Hub City Media's MFA capabilities enable and support various options:


    Push Notifications

    Soft Tokens

    Flexible integration possibilities with existing service providers are avaialble to implement an additional factor of Authentication for DBAs, VPNs and Wireless Networks.

    Databases are only the beginning. Our Multi-factor capabilities are based on the standard RADIUS protocol, which supports other systems integrations including VPN, Wireless Access Points and Network devices.


    Accelerator available for faster installation of Multi-factor Authentication for Oracle IDCS

    24 x 7 support included

    Check out Single Sign-on and Provisioning for Oracle IDCS

    Provision Anywhere, Manage in the Cloud   

    Moving to the cloud isn’t accomplished in a single trip – it's a journey. Oracle IDCS and Hub City Media Provisioning will get you there. 

    Watch the Google demonstration

    Watch the Salesforce demonstration

    Enterprises need to secure on-premise applications, protect existing Identity investments and provide a seamless user experience to satisfy demands. Hub City Media’s Provisioning product enables the journey by leveraging lightweight, on-premise connectors and cloud services, forming a complete hybrid identity.

    A Single View Across the Enterprise

    An effective Enterprise IDaaS solution needs to provide support for a diverse application portfolio. Hub City Media offers the following support out-of-the-box*:

    • Salesforce Connector
    • PeopleSoft Connector
    • DB Connector
    • LDAP Connector
    • Google Connector

    *Connectors are continually added to our product portfolio as need is expressed. 


    24 x 7 support included

    Check out Multi-factor Authentication and Single Sign-on for Oracle IDCS

    Complete a Full ForgeRock Product Installation with One Command   

    Installing security software can require hours of sitting in front of a computer screen, wasting valuable time and resources.

    Hub City Media’s automation technology does the work for you with one command – no human supervision required. Your installation is completed quickly and correctly, and your team is free to complete other tasks.

    A full product installation takes as little as 10-minutes - a fraction of the time it would take without this tool.

    Revolutionizing the Future of Automated Technology 

    Our Automation tool as the capacity to handle single servers, mass installs and clusters, and is easily tailored to meet individual needs. 

    • Drastically decreases installation time
    • Improves reliability, consistency and repeatability across environments
    • Simplifies installation and reduces risk of human error


    Speed your installation and conserve resources with an automated implementation.