SSO Between Cloud and On-Premise Applications with Oracle IDCS

Hub City Media's Single Sign-On technology expand the SaaS experience to on-premise Web Access Management (WAM) and legacy applications, so nothing is left behind during a move to the cloud. 

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  • Single, secure, cloud-based authentication and authorization
  • Easily deployed architecture
  • Protect local web resources
  • Local policy maps cloud groups with access rights
  • Replace local web Authentication and Authorization

Easy Deployment with Authenticators 

Provide a simplified SSO experience with authenticators built for individual applications: 

  • E-Business Suite: Simplified SSO for for EBS without on-premise Access Management Deployment
  • WAM: Header-based authentication for traditional Web Access Management
  • Form-fill: SSO for legacy applications without modern web access OR Federation technologies by using secure password replay


24 x 7 support included

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