Who We Are

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in South Plainfield, New Jersey, Hub City Media is a software integrator specializing in sophisticated Identity and Access Management solutions, custom software development and integrations.

We provide fully customizable Professional Service and 24 / 7 / 365 Managed Support Service offerings, tailored to the specific needs of each organization, and have created a complete and comprehensive U.S. based organization that can partner in every global location and time zone.

What We Do

The number-one reason we get exceptional results for our clients is technical excellence - pure and simple. With our certifications, years of successful project experience and the good opinion of our past clients, our reputation is as solid as they come. There are additional differentiators that set us apart in the IT consulting world – rules which we follow that ensure smoother, more successful projects and customer relationships.

Hub City Media uses targeted expertise, dedicated teams and a unique skill set to implement and deploy custom IAM and Database Security solutions. With personalized training, in-house product development and customized Support solutions, Hub City Media goes beyond a standard solution, bringing ease and accessibility to the process. 

What Makes Us Unique

Every project team is Division One - not pick up.

Each individual on your team is a trusted, proven and experienced full-time Hub City Media employee trained in our collaborative environment by our industry thought leaders. Our approach yields a highly skilled, high-quality, synergistic team resulting in faster startup time and greater project efficiency. 

People who work for us actually work for us.

Hub City Media employees train, work and solve problems together and have done so for years. We do not use contractors to provide services nor hire short-term project based employees, ensuring no second-rate engineers, mediocre system architects or indifferent project managers ever engage with our clients.

Our unique COMPASS Project Methodology™ (COMPASS).

As a best practice and central to the Project Management Center of Excellence, Hub City Media conducts all projects utilizing COMPASS, providing avenues for rapid execution of required documentation, changes and processes. COMPASS is formed into distinct Waypoints with a well-defined road map, keeping projects on time and on budget, with plentiful resources along the way.

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