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With The Rise Of Cloud Adoption, What Do Businesses Need To Know To Be Successful?


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Peter Barker, Oracle’s Senior Vice President for Identity Management and Security, recently penned a blog post officially announcing Oracle’s new Identity Cloud Service (IDCS). Public details on IDCS with the complete set of functions and features are yet to be revealed; however, key elements of Peter’s post should not be missed. Peter describes IDCS as a system built with a “standards-first and API-first philosophy.” That’s a clear and welcomed shift from Oracle’s previous security product philosophy and indicates Oracle is paying attention to directions in which the market is moving. 

Clients want security solutions that implement standards, allowing them to “wire together” product from different vendors. Clients are adopting cloud products and services from multiple vendors at an amazing rate. If IT has a chance of ensuring the safety and security of this activity, it will be through choosing corresponding cloud security products that implement a rich set of standard security protocols that are easy to deploy.

Clients also want APIs because, frankly, not every vendor can anticipate all integrations that might be critical to success. Clients don’t want just a SDK. They want standard REST APIs that can be easily consumed from different languages, platforms and developers of various skill sets. REST is the new SOA, and REST APIs have simplified B2B, B2C and B2A innovation. REST APIs allow companies, like Uber, to integrate ride sharing services into every mobile application. They have also allowed transit authorities, like BART of the New York MTA, to provide schedule data to application developers, thus crowdsourcing new mobile experiences. Security is no different. REST APIs are allowing Hub City Media to integrate security features everywhere within our organization and soon for our customers.

Clients want the cloud. Hub City Media has embraced the cloud in all aspects of IT infrastructure as early adopters; however, the market for cloud security is still maturing. In December 2015, Gregg Kriezman of Gartner estimated only 10% of web access management customers moved to the cloud (1). There is still much of the market left in deciding how to reap the benefits of cloud IAM, and Oracle is well positioned to capture a significant portion of that market.

Hub City Media has participated in the beta program for IDCS for several months now and is very excited to show what the product can do. More importantly, Hub City Media is intrigued with what we’ve been able to create with this innovative cloud solution. We’ll be updating you on our progress as Peter’s team reveals more product details. We think you’re going to like what you see from Oracle and Hub City Media!

For those headed to Oracle OpenWorld this year, reach out to us and let us know if you’d like a sneak peek. Contact myself or our sales team for a preview of our cloud complementary innovations!

“Market Guide for Web Access Management Software”, Gregg Kreizman, Gartner, ID: G00276092, 23 December 2016