Tailored Implementations 

There's nothing standard about Identity Management, Access Management and Database projects. At Hub City Media, we strive to ensure the solution fits our clients specific needs - not the other way around! Our strategic implementation services help you define, plan, customize and deploy the most efficient technologies that fit your exact requirements, considering both today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. Discover what we do. 

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

Project implementations and migrations ensure your systems are efficient and secure

No matter the size of your organization or the complexity of your requirements, it is crucial to effectively manage identities and ensure appropriate access is provided. Hub City Media’s core competency is Identity and Access Management with almost two decades experience guiding each implementation across various Fortune companies and a myriad of industries.

The relationship we have with our partners provides enablement to advocate for client interests and effectively meet requirements. Our solutions help clients establish secure processes for User Identity and Access Control, protecting your information assets and efficiently addressing compliance demands of Sarbanes-Oxley, NERC CIP, HIPAA and other regulatory drivers.

Database Security

Database Security

State of the art protection of vital business information from internal & external threats

With identity theft on the rise, nothing is more paramount than keeping database information secure and resistant to unauthorized access. Hub City Media’s range of Database Security experience ensures this information is protected from internal and external threats, while dramatically simplifying administration for your database team.

We provide solutions to protect what thieves target most - DATA - and specialize in: Enterprise User Security, Audit Vault / Database Firewall,
Advanced Security, Data Masking, Key Vault and Database Vault. Our team has created innovative database accelerators to speed implementation and harden protected systems. Privacy, protection and compliance are quickly delivered to you, each and every time.

Executive Oversight Committee

Comprised of key constituents from your organization, the product vendor and Hub City Media, our Executive Oversight Committee ensures all parties are aligned to support desired business objectives. It creates a forum that helps the project stay on pace, with all parties fully informed of status, issues, constraints and dependencies.


Quality Checks

Used to verify technical validity, cost and overall form and presentation of documents and artifacts, we conduct Quality Checks throughout each phase of a project, thus ensuring deliverables promised are what you want and what you need to achieve your goals.


Proactive Risk Management

Identification, tracking and mitigation of risks occur throughout the project, from initial conversations at project kick-off through deployment. If necessary, a Risk Mitigation Workshop can be conducted to help foresee risks and establish how to prevent or mitigate those risks.


Well-Defined Knowledge Transfer

Throughout each project, we facilitate numerous opportunities for Knowledge Transfer, ensuring you are equipped to understand your system, from start to finish.

IAM Project Methodology

Our Methodology

Projects are never the same. There are no preset ‘cookie cutter’ steps to achieving your goals. It takes experts to understand your system and your requirements to determine what you need, what pitfalls to avoid and what the absolute best road is to successfully reach the finish line.

That’s why we use our COMPASS Project Methodology™ to guide all of our implementations - a proven and comprehensive methodology which adapts to your project in real time and leads the way to enable you to successfully reach your final destination, on time and on budget!

What if a project hits an unexpected bump in the road?

What if scope and budget shift in the middle of project execution?

What if requirements are added or adjusted after they’ve already been established?

Our COMPASS Project Methodology™ was built for those types of scenarios. It was made to get your project on track and keep it there, no matter what obstacles come along.