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SIM / OIM Coexistence Completed with Identity Bridge

Faced With The Task Of Migrating Their Provisioning System From Sun To Oracle, This Large Midwestern Automotive Company Avoided A Costly And Lengthy Migration By Implementing A True Coexistence Solution, Identity Bridge.

Company Overview

One of the largest automobile organization in North America, providing membership, travel, insurance, and financial services to 8.5 million members across 11 states.

Business Challenge

The client was previously using Sun Identity Manager (SIM) to provision internal and external users. The merger of two automobile companies added 9,000 internal and 10,000 external users to their provisioning system. With SIM end-of-life for premier support approaching in 2014, the client was struggling to manage the time sensitive provisioning needs of new users while shifting spend away from SIM. They needed to provision new users on an updated IdM platform that coexists with their current system, in order to efficiently manage the nearly 20,000 new users and passwords. 

Hub City Media's Solution

The client selected Oracle Identity Manager as their new IdM platform to be implemented using Hub City Media’s coexistence solution, IdentityBridge. Hub City Media implemented OIM 11gR2 and installed IdentityBridge to enable the automobile organization's 68 connected systems to coexist between SIM and OIM. With IdentityBridge in place, the client can leverage SIM connectors, workflows, policies, and roles in SIM while developing functionality in OIM, and shift spend from Sun to Oracle. This will enable the client to migrate from SIM to OIM at their own pace, or coexist indefinitely. For more information on IdentityBridge, contact sales@hubcitymedia.com.


The client is now able to manage their new workforce with a provisioning solution that automates password management and provides a centralized catalog of account access, roles, and entitlements for simplified request management. The out-of-the-box functionality of IdentityBridge puts control back into the hands of the client,  allowing them to immediately begin provisioning the 20,000 new users on OIM while leveraging SIM workflows, shift spend from SIM to OIM, and migrate continuing workflows from SIM to OIM at their own pace.