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Manufacturing Company Secures Database with Oracle Key Vault

In order to meet audit compliance and prepare for GDPR, this manufacturing company implemented Oracle Key Vault to increase the security and manageability of their encrypted databases.

Company Overview

A multinational manufacturing company providing services to various markets, employing over 100,000 workers in hundreds of locations around the world.

Business Challenge

Already a heavy user of Oracle database and the E-Business Suite (EBS) application, client had begun implementing Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), starting with their EBS HR system. They were looking to enhance the security, reliability and manageability of their TDE implementation prior to rolling out to other databases. Without central key management, consistently managing keys across RAC clusters, DR environments and cloned copies was challenging.


Closely aligning with Oracle and client teams, Hub City Media implemented Oracle’s Key Vault product. By externalizing the database keys using the product, the client was able to achieve enhanced separation of duties and auditing of key management actions. Best-practice procedures like key rotations can now be performed regularly with no impact on operations.


By implementing Key Vault’s latest version (, the client benefited from enhancements to high-availability architecture and system management, drastically decreasing their cybersecurity risk.