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Power Company Upgrades to OIM 11gR2

Company Overview

A large holding company for several power and energy companies in the midwestern United States. Located in St. Louis, the organization serves over 3.4 million customers in Illinois and the surrounding area.

Business Challenge

Federal regulations (NERC) require that all power companies install security measures to protect their critical assets to the power grid. In compliance with these regulations, the client planned to replace Sun Identity Manager due to it’s service “end-of-life”, and chose Oracle to serve as their IdM platform for the future.

Hub City Media's Solution

Hub City Media was hired to complete the OIM 11gR2 implementation, which set the client up with a secure foundation for an updated, simplified identity management system. OIM's new functionality enabled the client to meet the strict federal standards and decrease the time-consuming customization process currently in place.


The installation of OIM 11gR2 was completed in four months. The time-consuming customization process was replaced by simple customizations in OIM, and the careful OIM implementation and coexistence strategy designed by Hub City Media will simplify the SIM to OIM migration to come.