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Directory Upgrade to Oracle Unified Directory

With Support Ending For Their Aging Directory System, This Large Mortgage Company Migrated 450 Applications To Oracle Unified Directory In Four Months, Maintaining FISMA Compliance With A Performant, State Of The Art And Supported Directory Infrastructure.

Company Overview

A large government-sponsored enterprise providing residential mortgage credit in the secondary market. the company purchases loans from mortgage lenders to give families the opportunity to buy homes, refinance, or rent homes.

Business Challenges

The client was using Sun DSEE as their corporate directory system, supporting 450 critical business applications. Sun DSEE is reaching support end-of-life and FISMA standards require all government agencies to maintain a supported directory system. This mortgage company needed to quickly migrate to a new, efficient and supported directory system while consolidating several directory instances to one.

Hub City Media's Solution

The client selected Oracle Unified Directory as their new directory system, and Hub City Media designed the migration to reduce the number of directory instances with minimal downtime, and to ensure that the 450 applications that accessed LDAP were not impacted during the process. This was one of the largest directory upgrades seen by the Oracle/Hub City Media team.


With Oracle Unified Directory in place, the client has provided a supported IT environment and has avoided all potential compliance issues. Their multiple directory instances were consolidated, simplifying their directory environment, and the 450 applications are now accessing a high performance, feature rich directory.