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Directory Upgrade to ODSEE 11g

With Their Sun Directory (DSEE) Approaching End-Of-Life, This Midwestern Financial Holding Company Upgraded To Oracle ODSEE 11g, Meeting All Compliance Standards And Reducing Costs Through Data Center Consolidation.

Company Overview

A bank holding company located in Detroit, Michigan. The company provides financial services, including insurance, mortgage services, auto financing, and online banking, to over 15 million customers.

Business Challenges

The client had implemented Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) 5.2 to support 4 applications for user authentication and authorization. Oracle’s premier support for this product reached end-of-life in 2013, requiring the financial organization to implement a supported directory system or risk the potential consequences of an audit failure.  Due to the size and complexity of the organization, the client needed to implement a supported directory system with minimal downtime, consolidate their directory instances and consolidate data centers.

Hub City Media's Solution

The client selected Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition (ODSEE 11g) as their new directory system, and hired Hub City Media to perform the implementation. The previous directory system, Sun DSEE 5.2 was upgraded to ODSEE 7, the multiple directory instances were consolidated, and the implementation was carefully executed to allow access without modification to existing applications.


The client's updated directory system was up and running ahead of schedule, protecting the company from potential compliance issues, and avoiding disruption the business due to the minimized downtime. The many directory instances of Sun DSEE were consolidated, simplifying the company’s environment, and reducing costs of maintaining multiple data centers.