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Single Sign-on with Oracle Access Management

Faced With The User Frustration And Security Concerns That Arise From Managing Up To 25 Different Access Credentials, This Large Southern Power Company Implemented A Single Sign On (SSO) Solution To Provide Secure Access For 2500 Employees.

Company Overview

A growing independent oil and gas company, headquartered in Texas. With over 2500 employees, this company focuses on the exploration, development, and production of natural gas across the United States.

Business Challenges

The client is currently providing their users access to over 25 corporate applications that host sensitive information and require secure access controls. With no single sign-on (SSO) system in place, users were required to remember usernames and passwords for each application. This results in user frustration and ultimately increases security risk as users adopt insecure ways to store credentials they cannot remember.  Nineteen of the company’s critical corporate applications were considered high-priority, and the customer needed to simplify and secure the user experience of accessing these critical applications by implementing a single sign-on (SSO) solution.

Hub City Media's Solution

The client selected the Oracle Access Management suite to provide SSO for the company’s 19 high priority corporate applications. Hub City Media installed and configured Oracle Access Manager (OAM), Oracle Identity Federation (OIF), and Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-on (eSSO). The products were integrated with the customer's existing environment, including their user credential store, Microsoft Active Directory, and Windows Native Authentication. EBS was also configured for web-based SSO, and 4 external applications were configured for SAML federation.


Using the Oracle solution, the customer provides Single Sign On access to 25 critical web based, desktop and external applications. The installation and configuration of Oracle product set was in production in five months, providing the customer with a simple and secure single sign-on solution that increases access security and eliminates user frustration.